Ghent Easter Rugby

26th and 27th of March 2016


    General tournament enquiries, team registration and enrollment: [email protected] Please check out our FAQ with all questions ever asked by teams in 1 easy document:

    To Enroll: please fill in the subscription form completely, send it to [email protected], and pay the subscription fee and warranty. These fees for participating at the tournament are:

    • 150 euro subscription fee (****)
    • 300 euro warranty (**)

    Besides, we offer some great packages:

    • reductions up to 500 euros if you stay in Ghent (***) and/or order your food in advance
    • our famous Saturday night all-you-can-eat BBQ (just between the tournament and the Theme Party): as from 12 euro/person
    • lunch and dinner as from 7,5 euro/person, or snacks available during the tournament
    • camping + breakfast: 15 euro/person/night
    • luxury camping: for a small additional amount you can sleep in our luxury camping tent, including heating and wooden floor
    • not interested in camping? Use one of our partner hotels which offer cheaper prices when you mention the tournament, or use our free search-a-hotel service
    • we have tons of experience organizing this tournament, and helping teams to have the best tour ever. Don’t hesitate to contact us for free for any help you need for transport, team-building or other activities, restaurants, ….

    We run different tournaments during the weekend to which you can participate. You can even participate at multiple tournaments if you want!

      • 2-day tournaments: 500 euro price money for the winner of each 2-day tournament!
        • Women – 15s Easter Cup
        • Women – 7s Easter Cup
        • Men – 15s Easter Cup
        • Men – 7s Easter Cup
      • 2-day tournament
        • Girls – U18 7s Easter Cup (no prize money)
      • Saturday-only tournaments
        • Women – 15s Beer Cup
        • Men – 15s Beer Cup
        • Boys (WR-U19, WR-U18 (*), i.e. players born in ’97 , ‘98 or younger) Easter Cup
        • Mixed Touch
      • Sunday-only tournaments
        • Women – 7s Beer Cup
        • Men – 7s Beer Cup
        • Boys (WR-U17, WR-U16, WR-U15 (*), i.e. players born in 1999, 2000, 2001 or younger) – 15s Easter Cup

    Please bring the necessary documents with you to Gent.
    In case of treatment at the local hospital, a copy of the identity card will be required.

     (*) Please note we use World Rugby and Rugby Europe age categories, not the UK age categories. You can find more information in our FAQ, but that basically means that a UK-U18 is actually a WR-U19
     (**) The warranty is returned (in cash or by bank transfer) if the team didn’t cause any damage and played all games. This will be at the moment your team is leaving the camping, or after the price ceremony if not using the camping.
     (***) In the past we’ve seen many problems with teams not staying in Gent: late because of traffic jams (Brussels and Antwerp are number 1 and 2 cities in the world when it comes to traffic jams), not showing up on Sunday because of hangovers, … This ruins the tournament and experience for the other teams and cuts your funding from our city. Hence we give you an important reduction if you stay in Ghent.
    For optimal experience of your team: Please use our cheap lodging, one of our many cheap partner-hotels in the city of Ghent, or any other hotel in Ghent. Please note that we can help you with finding hotels.
     (***) The 150 euro subscription fee is after your reductions.

    Tournament location
    Sport- en recreatiecentrum De Blaarmeersen
    Zuiderlaan 7
    9000 Gent